Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Driving To Customers Goes The X-Tra Mile

Door to door service takes customer support the extra mile. The owner of the red and white kiddie convertible pictured above, belongs to none other than Ted Orzehoskie, State Farm Owner / Operator. Ted’s operation received Chicago Magazine’s Exceptional Service and Overall Satisfaction Award 3 years in a row. Does this best-in-class professional drive a […]

Real People Listen – Listeners Attract Like Flowers

Have you ever noticed that people who listen attract all different people to themselves? I’ll offer three possible explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, people who listen value the experience of listening. They understand that little concerning the human race can be accomplished without listening. Sooner or later, someone has to tune in to other people. […]

Real People Listen – Sick Dogs Get Lift

I meet wonderful people wherever I go. On this trip to Ontario, a woman pushing her 2 dogs in a bright pink stroller agreed to let me take their photograph. I listened as she described their many ailments requiring life threatening surgical procedures. Perhaps the kindest resolution was to push her mini companions from place […]

Real People Listen – “Mans Best Friend”

Imagine walking along in nature when it becomes clear that someone is calling out names and instructions, dogs barking and splashing. You follow the sounds. There, on a bridge, is a man leaning toward the water, gesturing with hands and arms at someone or something beyond. At closer inspection, two dogs splash in the water, […]

America The Beautiful

Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Happy Canada Day

In the 1980s, Canada Day was moved to July 1. My children and I celebrated my granddaughter’s 1st Canada Day in a way that only an 8 month old baby can appreciate. We drove to parks, then strolled around, occasionally stopping to swing and slide at a playground, or look at ducks, geese, dogs, frogs, […]

Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Crammed In To Economy Car On July 4th

Where would American holidays be without fireworks? Driving through Indiana, Kentucky, North and South Carolina recently, this much is clear…we take fireworks seriously. Along the highways and byways, super mega gargantuan purveyors of fireworks are at the ready to part you with your hard earned money for the simple pleasure of enjoying fireworks season. In […]