My First Commercial Van

What a beauty!

What a beauty!

Over the years, my cars have doubled as work horses and pack animals hauling teaching materials, Point of Sale displays, books, recycling, projects and paper work. Pity the poor passenger waiting for me to “shift” stuff around to clear space for seating. Misplacing mail and important papers was tantamount to dropping my keys between the seats or thinking I’d lost my glasses. 

The decision to buy my first commercial van is the happy result of researching campers and conversion vans. I came to the conclusion that campers are an awfully expensive pain to convert into my highly anticipated mobile office.

No matter how well I packed my clothes from workout to professional, sooner or later, the nice stuff got crinkled. Two door rides seem to never have enough room for organizers, space savers, portable files and totes. Don’t get me started on canvass bags filled with not-for-profit meeting minutes, agendas and To Do Lists.

I thought my mind was made up after a trip to an RV and Camper show in Grand Rapids, MI. Then the Chicago’s car show. Scored a free ticket from a local dealership. Mondo appreciated.  Being very new to this process, I learned from the pros… retirees. As weeks and months passed by, I narrowed my choices to 2 manufacturers. Then one.

Now come the designers, electrician, detailers, installers, and more.



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