Is this a match made in heaven?

I am jumping into the realm of commercial van ownership with both feet. What seems like only yesterday is more than a year in the planning. I set my sights on a mobile office that would meet my needs after a heart to heart talk with my accountant to make my business monetize. Not pretty. As if I wasn’t trying.

Campers and conversion vans were strong contenders if not for the fact that by design  they house 2 or more people on the road with little consideration for work clothes storage. The more storage, the bigger the vehicle. Bad choice in my State where most rvs are banned from street parking. One lovely manufacturer’s rep explained that plenty of clothes fit in the overhead airplane like compartments as long as I roll them up very tightly gesturing passionately with sweeping arm and hand motions. Little did he know that I was absolutely horrified. What professional wants to have that “I live out of a suit case” look?

What about building my ride from the pavement up? Off to the dealerships. Still not finding the right fit, but I received a great education.

Next stop, the biggest car show in the USA…Chicago. Lo and behold, I found Euro styling headed for North America. Cavernous interiors, varying heights and lengths, competing manufacturers. Now we’re talking!

After months of follow up, I made my choice.


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