Success Story: Rent My Cricket

Rent My Cricket is a camper rental company (based in California) for short and long term use. Where’d She Get Them Wheels? Cricket, the RV camper featured on EXTREME RVs, of course.
Find successful entrepreneur, Kris Haworth, at Kris recognizes that Cricket NASA designer/architect applies his talent to real life Earth situations, enabling his family to enjoy camping in a “just right” product. Not too big, not too small.


2 thoughts on “Success Story: Rent My Cricket

  1. In Kris’ own words, “We rent it out fully stocked. But basically as is..though upgraded. Cricket has been great about helping out since we bought one of the first units. Talking to Cricket and doing the web site is all we did for marketing. But people stop and ask all the time when it is out so we have marketing materials to take away. We’re in San Diego so it is year around camping. We have the one unit and we basically rent it out when we are not using it.”

  2. Very interested in this but their website form is broken. Would love if they had a phone number or email to contact directly.

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