Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Getting The Van Organized

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I prefer to be organized and neat.

The same can be said for my new van. For years, I juggled multiple jobs. I drove people and things from location to location. Depending on the day, I’d have to gain access to the items that I needed to perform my work. In the process of moving everything around, I’d create clutter. By the next day or two, I’d be re-organizing the car.

Now that I have a van (I refer to as my mobile office), I want everything to have its own place. Cargo vans are different than cars because they usually haul equipment. There are plenty of holes available to for bungee cords. In the coming weeks, metal storage (not too large) and a cabinet of sorts, will take residence near the sliding door. I use the side without the sliding door as a long closet. I purchased a wonderful fabric closet organizer found in the baby department of a large retailer. It’s an excellent solution for soft goods like t-shirts, stockings, and more. My foot ware now hang on 2 fabric shoe racks tied with zip ties. Plenty of hangers for clothes. Gravity helps reduce wrinkles from the clothes. My goal is to make a fabulous curtain to protect  my garments.



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