Work Space Organizers For Cars or Vans

In an effort to keep my business organized while I’m on the road, I’ve been keeping a look out for products specifically designed for vehicles.

My cargo van has cup holders and molded spaces of different sizes to store all kinds of things. This would work well if my arms were 3 feet long. After driving my van off the dealership lot, I realized that the passenger seat was the most convenient place to put things that I needed throughout the day. Why? I don’t have passengers. It’s either that, or the lowest compartment below the radio, next to my seat (driver). The door compartment on most vehicles is always chancy as things are exposed to the weather (rain, sleet or snow) when I exit. Who wants personal affects or business tools to get soaked?

The solution? I bought a plastic sheet designed to keep pets from soiling car seats. I covered the passenger seat by attaching it behind the head rest and securing it with elastic at the corners of the seat. Once in place, I set a plastic tray with compartments (also purchased) on top of the plastic sheet (passenger side), to hold everything from  re-charging cables (cell and GPS) to eye glasses and flash lights. I think a bungee cord around the seat will keep it from falling off if I have to make a sudden stop. On the back of the passenger seat, I hung another plastic organizer with a light weight tray (for holding papers or lunch), CD storage, and much more.


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