Real People Listen – How Doing “This” Can Improve Your Listening

I spent one year focusing on my listening skills in 2008. My life has never been the same. For this reason, being engaged in the listening process continues to be my life’s endeavor.

Meditation…the state of calmness, distraction free, and focused in the present is the process practiced by millions of people to listen.

I had heard, read and been trained to “actively” listen. It’s a method of honing in on many things at once including key words or phrases, body language or other behaviors related to the umbrella term referred to as communication.

Listening for the sake of listening has few components. When I first started, my greatest challenge was hearing what people were saying. I suffered serious hearing loss as a result of an infection in my ears when I was a teenager. Background noises sometimes interfere with the range of sounds and inflection when people talk in noisy environments, presenting a challenge for me personally.

If your goal is to improve this area of your life, I wish you life long success.


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