A Career Woman’s Cosmetic Advice For Closing The Deal

My friend Roni, a retired teacher, is a perfectionist. Her clothes and makeup are ALWAYS impeccable.

Who better to ask this question “What do you recommend a women to do when a business professional appearance can make or break a deal? What steps should she take to “freshen up”?

Roni’s answer may shock you! In her own words, she believes that lipstick is the final step in closing a deal, looking “killer” professional and polished. Here is her routine.

1. Skin care above all. Start with an excellent anti oxidant. Roni’s current favorite is Revale’Intense Recovery Treatment with Coffeeberry. It makes her skin look flawless! http://www.revaleskin.com/

2. Sunscreen as a moisurizer. Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense is always at arm’s reach.

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Light enables makeup to “stick” better. Roni also uses Revitalift Miracle Blur by L’Oreal Paris.

4. Mascara powder to set, followed by mascara. The powder holds the mascara to eye lashes. Roni prefers to comb through clumps, then apply more mascara. I think she loves mascara. The more economical, the better!

5. Foundation followed by powder to seal the look.

6. Pencil eye liner from the inside corner of the eye to outer corner, then powder eye shadow that can be liquified (has staying power). Blend outer corner of eyeliner with eye shadow. Dramatic affect abut soft. Physician’s Formula Baked Collection is her preferred brand.

7. Add blush (powder).

8. Lipstick.

9. Hair Gloss (Redken’s)


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