Small Business Survival – When Customers Are Your Best Ally?

In today’s enconomy, “people” businesses are all about business buddies, the support network that invisibly has your organization’s back at all times. Whether you run a non-profit, small business or conglomerate, your business depends on the folks with whom you have a strong connection.

What I am about to tell you is based on a true story. Somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, a local grocery store burned to the ground. No one was hurt, but customers of the beloved store watched news accounts in horror as the building was consumed in flames. This is where they shopped after school, ordered platters for festivities, bought flowers and plants for special occasions and holidays.
Soon after, people mobilized. Competitors reached out to the owner, taking on full and part time staff while the store was rebuilt. Customers started a fund to raise money to cover health insurance and other expenses for former employees. Within days, a large tent was set up in the parking lot. A small market replaced the building while a new structure went through contruction. It took a long time to rebuild. A segment of customers moved on seeking the products once available at their local grocery. Eventually, the grand re-opening brought back customers, catering orders, former and new employees, organizations and friends. It was like coming home to family.

Whatever you do for a living, think of all the people who are impacted by your actions each day, how you touch their lives, your connection to them and their connection to you.
It is impossible to measure how much each of us touches the world. What is your definition of the true meaning of success?


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