Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – It’s Your Money

Top Tec 7Top Tec 8Top Tec 9Top Tec 6

Successful businesses use vehicles of all sizes and shapes to monetize. Generally, business information finds its way on to cars, trucks and vans. Visibility counts. Top Tec, one of the businesses featured on the Success Stories tab of my blog “Where’d You Get Them Wheels?”, wants potential customers to know which products and services are offered. Accross the sides of their high top vans is a diagnal from left to right, low to high, listing the most important services offered by their business. When the van is parked, moving slowly, or idling in traffic, these words stand apart from all the other information on the van.

The decision to wrap or partially wrap a vehicle must take into consideration that vehicles are moving billboards. It’s in the best interest of the owner to determine what will bring the best results.


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