Where’d You Get Them Wheels – Vehicle Wrap Must Haves

Ram 17Ram 6


Vehicle wraps cost money…sometimes big money. Consider your car, van, truck, semi or fleet to be stationary or moving bill boards, an extension of your company, brand, product and service.  It’s been said that pictures are worth a thousand words. Let these photos illustrate the importance of positioning pictures and words to achieve the highest impact. Notice the graphics are colorful, bold and easy to see from a distance. The selected text is legible and stands out clearly. Of equal importance is the quality of the wrap and decals. Give credit where credit is due. Decals can be an effective way to deliver important information, can be done in stages or changed over time.

When considering whether vehicle wraps are effective for your business, ask yourself these key questions:

  • How long do you intend to use the vehicle?
  • Will the information change?
  • Do you require a full or partial wrap?
  • Can vehicle decals draw business to your company?
  • Is your dealership or manufacturer offering a “wrap” package?

Companies in the business of conceptualizing and wrapping trucks, vans, semi’s, trailers and cars must design with your company profits in mind.



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