Real People Listen – Why Would Someone Ask You To Schedule An Appointment To Speak With One Another?

I am a public and motivational speaker for non-profit agencies and corporations. Recently, a program attendee asked me why people offer to schedule an appointment to talk. I sensed that this person was offended that anyone would postpone an opportunity to connect right then and there. Or worse, that anyone suggesting that an appointment be set to meet one-on-one was a thinly veiled attempt to avoid the person. Clearly, the attendee felt rejected, hurt and disrepected.

NOT TRUE! Consider an offer to meet one-on-one at a later date as an opportunity to have uninterrupted, focused time together. Isn’t it possible that the person we want to speak to at this very moment may be in the middle of something, have a committement or already be engaged in conversation? Don’t we deserve the complete, 100% attention of the person or people that we speak to?

If you are asked to talk to someone at a later date, decide in advance what works for you. Let the individual know that you prefer to talk on the phone, skype or meet in person…and the duration of the get together. Most people I know or meet are very busy, engaged, and committed in life. Blurting out what is important to me at the moment may be a complete waste of energy…mine and theirs. Can I really be sure that I was heard? Is the person’s mind on something so important that everything else sounds like noise? How does that benefit me? Does that person ever focus on the person speaking? Or is the person completely distracted by incoming text, talk, computers and more? If the person is not available to be present in the moment, that’s it.

My suggestion is to be selective when communicating. People who listen possess one of the most attractive qualities on the planet. Connect to people in order to listen to them. Best of luck.


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