Where’d You Get Them Wheels – How Flexible Do You Need Your Business Vehicle To Be?

Springhill Ford Flex 10Springhill Ford Flex 9Springhill Ford Flex 2Springhill Ford Flex 1

High demand for vehicles that meet the needs of growing families or businesses spurs manufacturers to exceed consumer expectations. The Ford Flex is an excellent example of creatively configuring a wagon  in to a design-as-you-go marvel. The driver seat is stationary, as expected. Rear passenger seats accommodate people and storage as required while center passenger seats fold forward. With a simple tug of straps, seats can be manuvered to suit the end consumer.

Illustrated in these photos are a multitude of ways to transport what’s important to you.

Notice how the head rest folds over the front of the seat laying flat for ease of folding the seat flat down into the cargo space. When all rear seats are in their upright position, there is still cargo space on the floor behind the seats closest to the rear of the vehicle.

Thank you to Springhill Ford in East Dundee, IL.


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