Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Sensors On Their Vehicles?

Springhill Ford Flex 12Springhill Ford Flex 14Springhill Ford Flex 16Springhill Ford Flex 15

As a business owner, do you really have the luxery of backing into something or someone? A reasonable person would answer “No”.

Part of the solution to avoiding rear end collisions is the use of sensors. Even with a factory installed or after market back up camera. If your business operates from a sedan, wagon or van, you may be transporting people for commerce or personal vehicle use. That is why it is imperative to have sensors designed to warn the driver and keep the driver focused on an impending target up to 12 inches from the vehicle. Whether you’re backing up at a playground or mall parking lot, if people, beloved pets or physical property  are in the vicinity, avoid them at all costs.

Why opt for sensors in commercial vehicles like cargo vans and trucks? Same reason. Avoid collisions at all costs. At this time, sensors are not offered, generally, as standard equipment. Rather, they are offered as part of a package. You may have noticed that many large commercial vehicles emit a loud sound when backing up to alert passersby or other vehicles of the driver’s need to maneuver. Alternately, the driver is alerted to physical targets when they can’t be detected by backup mirrors or are located beyond the field of a backup camera. Backup cameras can focus on the area immediately behind a vehicle, but the lense can be limited by its scope. Let’s all remember that commercial vehicles making deliveries are around people.

These photos illustrate the interior console, rear sensors and backup camera on a Ford Flex wagon. Notice the sensors appear to be small circular shapes on the lower rear of the car.

Thank you to Springhill Ford in East Dundee, IL.


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