Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Backup Cameras For Your Business Car, Wagon, Van or Truck

Backup Camera DayBackup Camera NightAre you sitting on the fence about installing a backup camera for your business car, wagon, van or truck?

Consider your liability risks using side and rear view mirrors only. Rear view mirrors are a driving aid, not a substitute for drivers to physically turn in the direction of oncoming traffic or facing back toward the rear of your vehicle. I recently saw a news cast of a parent who backed into her child in a passenger car as the rear of the car was higher than her child was tall. Her daughter asked, “Mommy, why did you hit me with the car”? What about day vs. evening visibility? How well can you see at night?

Regardless of the weather or time of day, a back up camera are an extra set of eyes. It can be said that there is a degree of distortion with respect to distance. For this reason, the camera usually faces the area directly behind the vehicle. During day light hours, colors are visible. At night, less so. The one element that remains constant is the focus of the camera lense and interior monitor.

A day after I received my van, I had a backup camera installed. The small monitor fit neatly on my dashboard. I could drive in reverse confidently. What I didn’t realize is that I have to develop a comfort level with the depth perception in the image. Traffic is closer than it appears. So far, so good.


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