Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Does Your Business Vehicle Blind Spot?

Peripheral View Camera NightPeripheral View Camera Day Light

How important a role does risk play in your business? Do any of your fleet drivers have a blind spot? Have you addressed blind spots with your drivers? Or are you leaving it to chance? Do your drivers adjust a few mirrors and hope for the best? Is this the best way to run your company and protect your investment? As the sole driver in your company, what if you’re visibility is restricted? In the name of traffic safety, how have you resolved this issue?

Side mirrors might be are in your future. Day or night, rain, snow or sleet, cameras are designed to perform, expand the driver’s view, make better on-the-road judgement calls. Have a look at the view in my camera directed to my cargo van blind spot day and night. What do you think? Does this look like a blind spot to you? I have my side camera set up so that I can turn it on or off as needed. (I leave my rear view camera on all the time).

Whatever you decide, best of luck!


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