Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – The One Place Drivers Fail To Clean

Ice Build Up Frozen On Van FrameIce Inside Wheel Well

Doing business during Chicago winter months presents all kinds of challenges. Vehicle preparation routines include;

*”Warm up”- Everyone knows warming up, whether passenger or commercial, for ample time to give engine parts time to unfreeze.

*Ice removal – The windshield, windows, doors, and trunks have to be free enough from ice to gain entry, then drive with an unobstructed view.

*Ice and snow removal – Ice and snow must be cleaned off of the roof to prevent sections becoming airbourne in traffic, possibly causing damage, injury or death.

*Ice and snow removal – Of course there’s snow removal from street obstructing your tires. Smooth passage from one’s parking spot is the difference between leaving in a timely fashion or not leaving at all.

How long does this routine take? It depends on the weather, your motivation, strength, equipment and urgency.

After all this work, why is there still one area that drivers / operators usually fail to check wheelwells? The answer is human nature. Ice and snow accumulation, melting and re-melting directly on to metal, can pose significant risk to tires. It’s difficult to remove. Most folks think it will fall off eventually. Unfortunately, build up dangerously close to wheels may cause friction, puncture, blow out.

Notice the two photos above that significant ice is visible from the outside this van. Closer inspection shows build up inside the wheelwell with icicles! Parking on an angle puts ice even closer to wheels. Yikes!

copyright 2014


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