Where’d You Get Them Wheels – Buy New Or Used?

New Body Built Truck

Looking for a truck on a budget? You’ll find it. If you ask around, comb classifieds, keep your eyes open for “sale” signs, visit dealerships, shop online dearlers. You’ll find it. As in any used vehicle you buy, beware. Know something about trucks and hauling. If at all possible, go with an expert. “Pre-owned” may be the perfect solution for you depending on how expensive a new purchase will be, your resources, short or long term use, “cleanliness” of the used product.

New cab and chassis buyers (in the photo above) often want all the perks like warranty, service, latest features and upgrades. It’s worth the investment when it is part of the business model with depreciation.

There’s a local used funiture dealer in town who has 5 completely different trucks and vans for pick up and delivery. That’s a lot of commercial vehicle insurance. Most of his customers are in a 50 mile radius. His brick and mortar retail store is the base of operations located right on the main road. It’s hard to miss.

I found a useful list of upfitters and body builders at this web address:
http://www.freightlinersprinterusa.com/owners/equip. My Chicago area upfitter, Inlad (Lombard) is not on this list. RV manufacturers are. Some of the best and most expensive converters are not on this list either. Before making a decision, do research and ask around!


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