Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Tax Dollars At Work For Your State and Local Government

2013 – 2014 News is a-buzz with winter weather alerts. Sadly, one southern city’s name is known for it’s failure to pre-treat roads in advance of emergent road conditions, leaving school buses, passenger and commercial vehicles being stranded for many hours, leading to injuries and deaths. Unusually bad, cold, icey weather is interrupting vital services for the last couple months.

What to do if your municipality has no snow removal trucks? One possibility is to use salt trucks in advance. According to my friends in Charlotte, NC, this solution seems to work. The other is to hire reputable snow removal contractors until budgets are approved for municipal snow removal equipment. Experienced drivers should also be lined up in advance, even if they work seasonally. Are monster arctic blasts the new reality? Could be.  


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