Freebies Steals and Deals – Grocery Values For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us. This is a “PULIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT”. NO ONE WANTS TO FAIL VALENTINE’S DAY! The pressure to create a positive, lasting, memorable experience for those we love can leave us all feeling confused and dazed.

Weeks before this holiday, grocers advertise Valentine’s Day reminders for our mutual convenience, letting everyone know they are on high alert. Traditionally, men presented a token of their love to those they cherished. Bye bye tradition, hello equal opportunity. It’s no wonder that grocers feature their most expensive foods (meat, shrimp, lobster), broadcasting where these items can be found, hinting that placing orders is preferred but not necessary. Now men and women have to out do friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers in what appears to be nothing short of an emotional high pressure cooker. Each department is ready to do business. The bakery has cakes and other specialty items on display at the front door. Chocolate covered flowers get their own display table. Boxed chocolates are on end caps and check outs. Red roses and bouquets are near but separate from the floral department.

All you have to do is show up! The best way to make Valentine’s Day budget friendly is to have a budget. Decide what you can really afford and where you want to spend it. Retailers offer jewelry discounts, spas are an experience. No budget, no problem. Convey your heartfelt thoughts of how your special someone has made a difference in your life.

copyright 2014


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