Freebies Steals and Deals – Valentine’s Day Gift DIY Giving Ideas

Thanks to DIY (Do It Yourself) blogger jaskiran kaur, here are a few budget friendly gift giving ideas for Valentine’s Day, a wonderful time to remember the ones we love.

Personalize your gift with photos and reminders of how much someone means to you. For example, frame a heartfelt message of how the person makes a difference in your life.

Have a way with words? Write a poem or song in your loved one’s honor. Not comfortable with writing poetry? An acrostic poem is one which uses the letters of a name or word vertically, then each letter has its own message, like so:

L is for…
O …

Create a memory board or box by listing important dates, experiences, happy times. What a sentimental idea.

Last, but not least is the DIY dinner a la the IDEAL date. Need recipes? Your local library, internet and grocer will provide plenty of food for thought.


copyright 2014


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