Real People Listen – Listeners Attract Like Flowers

All Different Shapes, Colors and Sizes

All Different Shapes, Colors and Sizes

Brilliant Colors

Brilliant Colors

Have you ever noticed that people who listen attract all different people to themselves? I’ll offer three possible explanations for this phenomenon.

Firstly, people who listen value the experience of listening. They understand that little concerning the human race can be accomplished without listening. Sooner or later, someone has to tune in to other people. Valuing people of every description, is high on the listener’s list of priorities. The process includes focus, relaxation and a non-judgemental attitude. Who wouldn’t be attracted to listener’s much the way flowers attract life?

Secondly, listeners and talkers reverse roles. The relationship between people who speak and people who listen is that neither is exclusively the talker nor listener. For example, the listener may request clarification or confirmation of what is said. The talker must listen before responding. In essence, the value of listening is shared and experienced amongst the participants.

Thirdly, listeners are in control of who speaks to them because concentration is required to engage in the process. Talkers know this. It’s much like meditation. In order to meditate, one must clear the mind, focus and relax. Listening is often described as a meditative exercise. Talkers generally want undivided attention from people who can focus on them in a conversational exchange and will seek out those who will commit and engage.

The qualities of flowers make attraction complex. Consider size, color, scent, height, design, leaves and stem. Flowers need polination to continue the life cycle. Listening is life affirming.

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