Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Crammed In To Economy Car On July 4th

Love Fireworks!

Love Fireworks!

Where would American holidays be without fireworks? Driving through Indiana, Kentucky, North and South Carolina recently, this much is clear…we take fireworks seriously. Along the highways and byways, super mega gargantuan purveyors of fireworks are at the ready to part you with your hard earned money for the simple pleasure of enjoying fireworks season. In case you come from States that don’t permit fireworks and similar products, like New York, you may find your stash confiscated when you drive over the border in to your State. Don’t think you won’t be followed when you leave your favorite fireworks dealer, especially out-of-town!

For the rest of us, we cram into cars, vans and trucks to see spectacularly loud displays. This year, my sister, niece, friends and I stuffed ourselves in her car, then drove a few minutes to a local venue. There in the parking lot, human meals for bugs to prey on, we watched a man and his two elementary aged children throw smoke bombs as far as their little arms could reach. It was all in fun until one landed a few feet from where we sat. One of the “grown ups” told him under no uncertain terms that this behavior was unwelcome, and he better have his darling kids hurl the offending matter in another direction or she would take action. Just a nice, friendly warning.

Before we knew it, lighted orange lanterns floated one-by-one in the air above us, lifting higher and higher. The wind died down briefly as a lantern tried to gain height, almost missing lush green leaves of trees juxtaposed to a row of houses accross the steet. The crowd clapped thunderously as the wind picked up, averting a crisis. Lanterns lifted off from other locations in the general area as fireworks began. We sat in fabric chairs admiring the beautiful sprays of color and smoke.

Then it was time to go home.

copyright 2014

Photograph submitted by Ariel Carcamo / July 4th 2014 Fireworks © 2014


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