Success Stories – Haldeman Auto Group / Using Magnetic Signs

Haldeman NissanFlags in Springfield NJ Library 021Flags in Springfield NJ Library 023

My New Jersey friends at Haldeman Nissan have the right idea. Expertly made magnetic signs draw attention to top of the line vehicles on their lots. Solid color commercial high top vans are often purchased with only windshield, driver and passenger windows. The balance of the van is metal. As illustrated in these photos, the space for the windows is perfect for displaying important contact and detailed information. In the grand scheme of things, fleet owners can start with a smaller investment in magnetic signs than rushing into expensive vehicle wraps unless dealer incentives offset the cost.

Haldeman auto group can be found at with Ford, Lexus, Subaru and Nissan dealerships in the Hamilton, NJ area. I used to live near Hamilton, NJ for over 20 years. I returned for a couple of days to visit friends, keep my dental appointment and network. As I drove past Haldeman, I stopped in to ask permission to run this feature. They were as kind to me as they have always been. That’s the key to staying in business. Magnetic vehicle signs help too, in the lot and on the road.

copyright 2014


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