Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – Can you believe this?

As one of the first owners of Dodge’s Ram Promaster high top van, driving it exclusively for almost 10 months with over 13,000 miles, you could say I know how to handle a 19.5 ft 2500 series 6,000lb metal box on wheels.
I brought my van in for warranty service. The male technician approaches me offering to back my van out of the bay, then into the parking lot. I told him it was unnecessary, that he could sit in the passenger seat as we test drove the van on local roads.

THE NERVE! I could not believe my ears! What have I been doing with the van for the last 9+ months? Who backs my van up, makes turns, drives, parks, and uses navigation mirrors and cameras? My imaginary concierge service?

Does he offer to back vehicles out or drive them around for male clients? I think not. On the other hand, it may have been his way of being chivalrous…like the kind of fellow who opens car doors for ladies. Not so sure of that either. What to do? Kindness is the answer. It also helps to be firm.

copyright 2014


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