Success Stories – What Do You Have In Common With A Hypnotist?

If you drive a mid-sized passenger car, I’d say you have a lot in common with Board Certified Hypnotist Art Leidecker. At least when it comes to driving. Art’s expertise spans many areas of the human condition with years of experience addressing chronic issues such as fear and pain. Find Art at There, you […]

Where’d You Get Them Wheels? – What Kind Of Business Uses Convertibles?

What kind of enterprise operates with convertibles? Sole Proprietorships, Limited Partnerships, Corporations, Inc.s, owners, sales people, or anyone who wants to impress by making an overt luxury statement. Nothing says “WOW!” like luxury. Convertibles come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They hold a special place in the hearts of drivers everywhere, conjuring up a […]

Success Stories – Haldeman Auto Group / Using Magnetic Signs

My New Jersey friends at Haldeman Nissan have the right idea. Expertly made magnetic signs draw attention to top of the line vehicles on their lots. Solid color commercial high top vans are often purchased with only windshield, driver and passenger windows. The balance of the van is metal. As illustrated in these photos, the […]