My Book: “Real People Listen”


Six compelling interviews reveal personal stories of triumph, straight from the heart details of life affirming decisions, no-nonsense advice on verbal bullying, plus a step-by-step process to guide you in your life journey.

Real People Listen is a religiously diverse, multicultural approach, to the most fundamental form of communication, bridging your spiritual self to all humanity. What are the odds that a broad array of religious and lay leaders unanimously agree on one thing immediately impacting our planet?

Chaplain Marcha H. Peters, Imam Sohaib N. Sultan, Monsignor Samuel E. Shoemaker, Pastor Tahijj Counts, Quaker Karen Shaudys, and Rabbi Yitzchak Goldenberg, believe you have the power to positively change your life, community and the world.

B Kane Levy is a writer, photographer, radio personality, and business woman in the Mid-western USA.


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